Yesterday March 17, was St. Patrick’s Day. Desig Barcelona members went out to discover how Barcelona celebrates St Patrick and to enjoy a lively night, so now we’ll sharing with you our experience.

To join this celebration, we choose the famous Irish pub The George Payne, located in a fairly central location (Plaza de Urquinaona 4, metro lines L1 red and L4 yellow). This is definitely one of the most popular Irish pub in town and one of our favorites; given  its large size we thought it would be a good place for our approach to the Irish tradition.

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photo by Stephen Edgar, flickr

We didn’t expect that there were so many people trying to get inside the George Payne bar. At 22:00 pm the line to enter was even larger than you usually see in this place when there is a good game of football. Lots of foreign people, cheerful and all dressed in green, as tradition dictates. So keep in mind that if you want to celebrate St. Patrick’s in Barcelona, ??you should arrive early at the bar, or be prepare for waiting in a very long line.

Since we were in the mood for party, but we didn’t want to do the long line, we went to another bar nearby, El Gran Foc (street Roger de Lluria 23) to spend some time, until the line to get to George Payne became shorter. El Gran Foc has a good atmosphere on thursdays, and often have live music and a DJ, as well as people from many countries that want to have fun and hang out, but this March 17  El Gran Foc was particularly full of people dressed in green.  However, green clothes were the only indication that we were in the St. Patrick’s Day, if you exclude the video screens that projected images of girls dressed in green with sexy irish-style.

A couple of hours later we returned to George Payne … we couldn’t have abandoned our intention to celebrate St. Patrick’s in Barcelona! This time we got in and found many people that were very happy, dressed in green, some with clubs (another symbol of St. Patrick) and large green hats with Guinness beer advertising. We did not expect less, Guinness is the most traditional beer in Ireland and is the main drink for celebrating St Patrick’s day in Barcelona.

toda espana eventos barcelona  Barcelona Tourist info Things to do in Barcelona St Patricks Day in Barcelona
St. Patrick’s day at George Payne Bar in Barcelona.
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Later, with our pints of Guinness, we mingle with the joy of the people at the bar. We found that there were people celebrating from many countries, as we met people from Germany, Netherlands, Peru, Venezuela, England, Sweden and of course Spanish and Irish, most people speak English. All dressed in green, all with pints of beer and all pretty happy and eager to meet people… Just like the slogan of some irish pubs in Barcelona when they promote St. Patrick’s Day in their websites:  ”364 days of practice and only one’s St. Patrick”

The next time when people tell you that Barcelona doesn’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, do not believe them. Yes, you can find celebrations, if you only know where to look for; yes, there aren’t any parades, and it is not a national holiday like in Ireland, but you can find very good party at Irish pubs in Barcelona. Here at Desig Barcelona, we made the test, and we recommend it!

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