Water sports are very popular in Barcelona and there are many different water sports to practice being a tourist in Barcelona. You can do summer courses in Barcelona for example scuba diving, sailing, wind and kite surfing and next to that there are various ports offering possibilities to hire boats.

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Scuba diving Barcelona

Have you always wanted to learn to dive or do you want to try something different and unique? Well, in that case scuba diving is probably something for you. There are several diving schools in Barcelona which offer courses, with different possibilities. So you can:

  • get a diving certificate within one week *
  • participating in various activities such as trips to the Barcelona surroundings organized by some schools
  • hire diving equipment
  • get help from well-supporting professionals to experience your first dive in open water.

* In diving schools an official diving medical check is required. It might be wise to get such already in your own country so you can easily get started during your holiday.

toda espana consejos de viaje barcelona  Summer Barcelona Beach Barcelona Study in Barcelona

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The schools generally have one or more pools where the first steps on diving technique are taught. The crew explains everything and helps you to prepare for taking a dip in the open sea. Not many diving clubs have websites and lesser are available in English.

  • Nautitracción /Aigua Blava

    Llull 200 Barcelona – Tel: 93 309 7574 (close to  metro station Poble Nou (Yellow line))

  • Rayas diving

    c/ Badajoz 113 Barcelona – Tel. 933.09.94.61 / 630.123.739 -email: info@rayasdiving.com

Sail course in Barcelona

With the wind in the sails, sailing the coast of Catalonia and enjoy the Costa Brava. To master the art of sailing, there are many sailing clubs across the different ports, to teach you the tricks. Certification opportunities are available and can be used internationally.

toda espana consejos de viaje barcelona  Summer Barcelona Beach Barcelona Study in Barcelona

photo by scalleja via flickr

There are also opportunities to get a certificate for a boat with engine in Barcelona and its surroundings. This comes along with some theory and real practice and you´ll receive an official certificate so you can participate with friends only renting your own boat.

What about weekly rentals in Barcelona, perfect to follow a course in the morning or evening. The rest of the day you can enjoy the rest of this lovely city

Surf in Barcelona

You might not think so, but Surfing on the Costa Brava it is a very popular sport among many people. We are talking about both wind- and kite surfing and Barcelona Surf lessons can be taken at many places. Classes are given on the beaches of Bogatell and Nova Mar Bella. Often you see groups of surfers in to the water waiting for this certain wave, which makes this experience such a special one.

toda espana consejos de viaje barcelona  Summer Barcelona Beach Barcelona Study in Barcelona

Photo by rasbcn via Flickr

Rent a boat in Barcelona

If you already have experience driving a boat, it might be an idea to rent one for a day (or more). In the preparations of the 1992 Olympics, a number of new ports in the city were build. There are several options for renting a boat, from a luxury yacht to a small sailboat. Navigate along the coastline, enjoying the beautiful view, throw fishing line and capture a nice meal. For the enthusiasts: take a dive or snorkel of course. Options to rent a boat can be found online, but you can also head towards one of the ports and ask around on possibilities. Please note that the deposit for the boat can be quite some money!

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