You haven´t been able to come to Barcelona for the winter sales at the beginning of this year? Relax… you will have another opportunity to enjoy the sales 2012 in Barcelona. The year is still full of surprises for you on the coming months so that we suggest you to start looking for a cheap accommodation in Barcelona to enjoy the sensational offers that you will be able to find in Barcelona this summer.

What can you expect from the summer sales in Barcelona? First of all, the sales season lasts around 2 months; a very sufficient period of time to visit the different shopping malls around the city. Some of the department stores occasionally add an extra-week of sales before the beginning of the official season so that you should look regularly at the different promotions that the stores offer on those dates. Most of the time, the big rush takes place on the first week-end even if the initial discounts only reach 30%. But of course, there are more different items available on the first week. Then, the discounts increase to reach 50% and until the end of the season you can find items that you will pay only 30% or 40% of their initial price.

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During the summer you will find amazing discounts in Barcelona

The summer sales 2012 in Barcelona will start at the beginning of July and will end at the end of August. Each shop has the right to choose how many times it gets involved in the sales season and the discounts that they want to offer. Moreover, you should know that not only the most famous brands take part in the sales but also the little shops and specialized boutiques in the city centre. You can even make your purchase online. And of course, the discounts not only concern clothes, shoes and accessories but also electrical appliances, furniture and sometimes even perfumes and cosmetics.

So if you want to come to Barcelona for the summer sales season, you should look for apartments in Barcelona near the shopping malls that you want to visit so that you can go there early.

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