If you are already in one of the many cheap accommodations in Madrid, it is really easy to plan a 1-day trip to Toledo: two affordable options are available for that purpose. One is to take the Madrid-Toledo high speed train (the journey only lasts 33 minutes). Another option is to take one of the Toledo buses and the journey will last between 60 and 105 minutes but this option is cheaper than the first one.

turismo toda espana madrid  Madrid tourist info Toledo Madrid
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Toledo was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986. The city has a very particular geographic situation: it is surrounded by the Tajo River and the city is walled since the roman period. Moreover it is one of the few cities in Spain where Muslim, Christian and Jewish cultures coexist peacefully. Currently, tourism in Toledo is one of the most main economic activities and this is all in the fact that the city not only offers architectural or cultural attractions but also because it offers interesting gastronomic options: bars, theatres, night clubs… so as the possibility to enjoy adventure sports.

You definitely should visit Toledo Spain by walking. There are more than 100 historical monuments to visit in Toledo so that it is very useful to have a map with you if you want to discover the historical spots of the three cultures such as the Toledo Cathedral, the Cristo de la Luz Mosque, the Tránsito synagogue, the Alcázar, the San Juan de los Reyes monastery, the Taller del Moro…

turismo toda espana madrid  Madrid tourist info Toledo Madrid

You also have the possibility to visit some of the museums of the city such as the Toledo Museum of Art, the Sefardí Museum, El Greco Museum, the Museo de los Concilios y de la Cultura Visigoda. As part of your trip you can discover a large number of craftworks and souvenirs shops. It is very difficult to leave Toledo without purchasing one of the wonderful swords they make there. They have swords of every sizes and every shapes and those shops are more precisely situated near the traditional shops situated near the Barrio de la Juderia where you can also acquire the famous marzipan, fairy cake, sighs and sweets made with egg yolk and sugar…

turismo toda espana madrid  Madrid tourist info Toledo Madrid

At dusk, Toledo is renewed with the streetlights and some street shows. And if you want to enjoy the night life in Toledo, we advice you to eat tapas and to do wine tasting before returning to your accommodation in Madrid.

turismo toda espana madrid  Madrid tourist info Toledo Madrid

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  1. Rosa says:

    ¿Se conoce porque el trayecto de alta velocidad Madrid-Toledo se ofrece con los trenes AVANT y no los AVE?¿Se ganaría algo de tiempo si se prestara con estos últimos?

    AVE Madrid Toledo

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