One of the best pleasure of traveling is to eat. And you will love the food in Granada, as there is a great variety of delicious dishes typical from the region.

granada comida y bebida  Tapas in Granada Eating out in Granada
The traditional Gazpacho Andaluz, perfect for summer days. Photo by tomatoes and friends

Probably you already know that going for tapas in Granada is a great pleasure, as most of the bars tend to give you free tapas when you order beers or glasses of wine. Those you are not from Granada usually get surprised by this tradition, as they do not expect such as great tapas as tasty spanish omelet (eggs, potatoes and onion), patatas a lo pobre or even a mini-paella. Consider that you can actually have a casual lunch or dinner just taking this free tapas.

granada comida y bebida  Tapas in Granada Eating out in Granada
Broad Bean with Ham. Photo by Jen SFO-BCN @flickr

Now, if we talk about eating in Granada, but seriously, the gastronomy in Granada has delicious dishes. In the granadine cuisine there is a fusion of the spanish taste with the influence of the Moorish species, and the result is spectacular. Some of the most famous dishes in Granada are:

  • The  Trevelez Jam, made of white pigs and cured in the snow.
  • The Broad Beans in its different recipes: Broad beans with jam, gazpacho of dry broad beans, green broad beans in granadine style.
  • Sacromonte omelet, although you need to have a strong stomach to try this dish, as it has some weird ingredients as brains, beef testicles and marrow, mixed with eggs.
  • The famous patatas a la pobre, slowly fried potatoes with olive oil, peppers and eggs.
  • The traditional  gazpacho andaluz, the most popular soup in the Spanish summer, made with tomatoes, onions, peppers, cucumber and garlic, with vinegar and olive oil.
granada comida y bebida  Tapas in Granada Eating out in Granada
Tocinillo del Cielo dessert. Photo by Maurid80 @flickr
  • The trout and the caviar of Rio Frio has a great status in Spain, for their great taste.
  • In the places nearby the coast, it’s common to eat grilled sardines.
  • The stews, made with different ingredients, are very common in the granadine cuisine.
  • The ajo blanco, or  gazpacho of almonds, perfect for summer days.
  • Migas Alpujarreñas, a dish typical during the winter, with bacon, cold meats and bread crumbs.
  • Plato Alpujarreño, with deliciois cold meats and sausages, like morcilla (blood sausage), longaniza (spicy sausage), pork and cured ham, with patatas a lo pobre on the side.
  • For the coldest days, there is the contundent Olla de San Anton, a stew made with broad beans, beans, rice, blood sausage, and other parts of the pork, such as the ears, cheeks, tail, jam and more.
  • For dessert, the tocinillos del cielo (similar to creme caramel), pestiños con miel (fried pieces of crunchy dough with honey) and more

Are you hungry now, aren’t you? The look for an accommodation in Granada right now and get ready for a gastronomy holiday you won’t forget.

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