Yes, we all know that Andalusia is a region where the summer is very hot. And of course Granada is not the exception, as the heat in summer can reach more than 35ºC. To fight the high temperatures, there is nothing better to have a delicious ice cream or a refreshing orgeat, isn’t it?

Without any doubts, the best ice creams in Granada are served at the ice-cream saloon Los Italianos, with a great tradition, located in the city centre, at the Gran Via avenue of Granada. This is a small ice-cream saloon that opened to public in the decade of the 30s, and it is one of the most emblematic places where to eat in Granada some of the most delicious desserts.

The ice creams at Los Italianos are very popular in Granada, indeed they are so famous thta even Michelle Obama, wife of the US president, couldn’t resist the temptation of trying them when she was on Andalusia on 2010.

It’s common to find a long queue at Los Italianos when you want to get your ice cream there, specially during summer days, the the wait is totally worth it!. This artisanal ice creams has nothing to envy to its cousins from Milano or Rome, they’re just simply magnificent!!!

The best flavours, at least for us, are the following:

  • Cassata Siciliana (Sicilian cassata)
  • Stracciatella
  • Zucotto (ice cream surrounded by cake and liquor)
  • Trufa (Truffle)

However, all its flavours are exquisite, so choose the one you prefer and for sure you won’t be dissapointed.

granada comida y bebida  Ice Cream Granada Ice cream parlor Los Italianos Granada Eating out in Granada
Ice-cream saloon Los Italianos: the best ice creams and orgeats in Granada. Photo by JaulaDeArdilla @flickr

Another good thing you will find at Los Italianos: A delicious orgeat of tiger nuts! The best in Granada… In a very hot day, nothing more refreshing than a glass of cold orgeat from Los Italianos.

Note that the ice-cream saloon Los Italianos is opened from March to October. It closes on winter and that is a shame, because as good as their product are, we are sure that there are plenty of people that will continue buying ice creams even in winter.

So now you know it: If you visit Granada from March to October, beside reserving in advance your accommodation in Granada and planning to visit the most tourist places of the city, do not forget to incluse in your itinerary a visit (or more) to the ice-cream saloon Los Italianos in Granada.


La Heladería Los Italianos está ubicada en la Gran Vía de Colón, 4. Granada, España.

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