People all around the globe who celebrate the new year’s coming have some sort of tradition. For most Spanish speaking countries, it is the best opportunity to compromise with our own selves and kick a bad habit or acquire a new one (good habit, of course). Well, New Year Eve in Barcelona is precisely about that. For most families in Spain, Christmas nights are mostly for the family (grandpa, grandma, dad, mother, and children mostly), but New Years Eve in Barcelona is slightly different. Some people gather at the Plaza of Catalunya (Plaça Catalunya in Catalan, it is the third largest plaza in Spain, so a whole lot of people gather there for the New Year parties in Barcelona and you really cannot miss it, every main avenue leads you directly there) to receive the new year.

toda espana consejos de viaje barcelona  Barcelona Tourist info New Years Eve Barcelona

It’s also very common to see a whole lot of people gathering before Christmas in every shopping mall (especially the Corte Ingles, and the FNAC department stores). If the tourist needs to do some shopping, it must be done before the 25th, for no store opens that day. So, December in Barcelona can be quite an adventure, so many people go shopping that it has been called the Christmas company.

toda espana consejos de viaje barcelona  Barcelona Tourist info New Years Eve Barcelona

Some other traditions are to wear red underwear for the New Year in Barcelona, as well as in the whole country, where that night is called the old eve or night before midnight. It is also very typical to toast with a very popular spakling white wine made in Catalunya called Cava. That eve, at exactly at 12 midnight, a bell will ring 12 times right before the new year starts running and, with every bell toll, a grape is eaten and a wish or promise (which is usually about improving a weakness or kicking a bad habit for the upcoming year) is made, and right after the 12 wishes, a toast is made. So, with everyone gathered in the many nightclubs or the Catalunya plaza, the New Year 2012 in Barcelona (as well as every new year) is bound to show tourists the time of their lives.

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