Even for those who don’t speak catalan, it is imposible not to be moved when FC Barcelona anthem sounds inside the Camp Nou Stadium, and 80 thousand people sing together… This is one of the most special activities in Barcelona, to be moved, or to be scared, if you are supporting the other team. The Camp Nou Barcelona or “New Field” is the name for FC Barcelona Stadium. Opened in 1957, the Camp Nou was built to replace the old FC Barcelona stadium, located in Les Corts, that had a capacity for 60,000 people and had become small for the demand of seats for the team supporters.

The Camp Nou Barcelona is the biggest soccer stadium in Europe, and has enough capacity for almost 100,000 people. Its maximum height is 48 meters and a surface area of 55,000 squared meters (250 meters long and 220 meters wide); the field dimensions are 105 x 68 meters.

toda espana deportes barcelona  Football in Barcelona FC Barcelona

Camp Nou facilities include a well known museum where you’ll find representative elements form the history of  Barcelona sport teams, as well as trophies gained on different sports disciplines, being soccer the staring sport; there are also food and beverage stations, boxes, VIP area, press room, technical service offices, sportive medicine centre, and many other facilities. At the end of 90′s, UEFA recognized the Camp Nou as a fice (5) stars stadium. If you want to visit the Camp Nou Museum, you can already book your tickets online.

Camp Nou is located in Av. Arístides Maillol s/n, 08028, Barcelona. For going there by metro, take line 3 (green) until Maria Cristina or Les Corts stations; or take line 5 (blue) until Collblanc or Badal stations.

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This stadium is a soccer icon and that’s the reason why it is such an special place. Even when you look at it from the street, when you go inside, enjoy the game and when you walk out, in the Camp Nou you will breathe soccer. The proud of being Barça supporters is a shared feeling between catalonians, and fans from all over the world.

toda espana deportes barcelona  Football in Barcelona FC Barcelona

Every soccer fan – specially every Barça supporter- have to go to Camp Nou Stadium al teast once in a lifetime. It is a unique experience. Wear blue-red colors, watch the best soccer players in the world giving their best in the field, recognize the walking of Pep Guardiola at the distance, shouting Gol out loud and feel the resound at the stadium, it is just spectacular. Once and for all, as the FC Barcelona slogan says, it is “Mes que un Club” (more than a team).

It is very well know all the marvelous architecture pieces in Barcelona, its beaches and all the different show that take place in the city. However, for those who love sports, one of the activities in Barcelona that involves a very emotional feelings is going to a FC Barcelona soccer game in the wonderful Camp Nou.

toda espana deportes barcelona  Football in Barcelona FC Barcelona

If you plan coming to Barcelona to live this futbol experience, you could be interested not only in going to a game, but also to stay in an accomodation nearby the stadium, so we reccomend:

Camp Nou  tickets official website

Apartaments in Barcelona, in Les Corts area, nearby the Camp Nou.

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Anthem of FC Barcelona in English:

Tot el camp, es un clam, (all the field is a clamour)

Som la gent blaugrana, (we are the people blue-red)

tan se val d’on venim, (it doesn’t matter where we come from)

si del sud o del nord, (from the south, or the north)

ara estem d’acord, estem d’acord; (thus we all agree, we all agree)

una bandera ens agermana, (a flag unite us)

Blaugrana al vent, (blue-red in the wind)

un crit valent, (a brave shout)

tenim un nom, el sap tothom, (we have a name, everybody knows)

BARÇA!! BARÇA!! BAAAARÇA!!!! (Barça, Barça, Baaaaaaaaarça)

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