For this winter season, it is a great idea to taste typical Catalan food. Calçots in Barcelona are served with a special sauce called Romesco. This dish consists of a variety of onions that are treated in a very peculiar way to enable the onion to grow very large, 15 to 20 cm in the white area, and 5 cm in diameter for the root. Like any other onion, the benefits of eating them for us humans is incredible, for they contain a great amount of vitamins, aphrodisiac substances, and even cancer preventing agents.

toda espana comida y bebida barcelona  Winter Barcelona Eating out in Barcelona

Calçotadas is a barbecue of Calçots, once they have been prepared the Catalan way, by boiling them, and then roasting the onion on the outermost layer and seasoned with the Romesco sauce (it is a typical Catalan food). These onions are roasted directly on the fire and are eaten with the hands, adding a unique taste for winter food in Barcelona with the Romesco sauce. The Calçotada usually consists of frying the Calçots only on the outermost layer, after boiling them, to leave the inside creamy and soft. Because it is eaten with our hands, the whole process can be a bit messy. The sauce is made with tomatoes, garlic, bread (sometimes the bread is fried), a variety of seeds, red peppers and some other ingredients that make this sauce unique and a must-taste for any winter in Barcelona.

toda espana comida y bebida barcelona  Winter Barcelona Eating out in Barcelona

These typical dishes can be enjoyed in a whole lot of restaurants, so location will not be a problem when finding accommodation in Barcelona. On this subject, Barcelona apartments offered at low rates are a common sight, because the city has grown to be one of the most visited regions of Spain, making it a great income for Catalans. If the tourist wants to enjoy some amazingly tasty Calçotadas, the Can Pau De La Rosa offers some top class Calçots.

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