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In many countries the festival is traditionally celebrated Halloween, Anglo-Saxon, but in Catalonia and especially Barcelona, celebrated a very different tradition: the Chestnut.

This festival, like many others that are celebrated in this holiday, has its origin in the cult of the dead. The tradition is to eat roasted chestnuts, panellet (small sweets made with marzipan and almonds) and accompany with sweet potatoes and Muscat, a sweet wine made from grapes. Apparently, the tradition of The Chestnut comes from many years ago, when families gathered on the eve of All Saints Day, to ensure the bodies of their loved ones, and ate all these foods to last the whole night.

The date of this celebration coincides with Halloween, which also stems from the feast of All Saints. If you do not know this story, we invite you to Unload this little guide Halloween event in Barcelona, where you will find also a list of the best costume shops in Barcelona.


  1. Andres Alegre says:

    Y estas delicias con que bebida se riegan?

  2. Ed Lespron says:

    Con Moscatel, un vino dulce de uva!

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