According to National Geographic, Barcelona is the number 1 in the top 10 of beach cities around the world. Well, we think (or know), they are right of course.

The combination of architecture, culture, Mediterranean cuisine, buzzing nightlife and these beaches are putted forward as reasons for this number one position. Let’s not forget the climate, because that is obviously not unimportant. The Mediterranean climate is perfect in all seasons and this makes the summer in Barcelona more bearable than the hot interior and south of the country of Spain.

The beaches in Barcelona contain something for everyone. Over the years, especially around the time of the Olympics, much has been done to make the best beaches. Relatively recent, beaches were added and thereby supporting the increased variety. The number of beach bars is still increasing steadily. Besides the shower and toilet facilities you can be enjoy a tasty snack while enjoying a drink and listen to the finest rhythms performed by the DJ’s who provide good background music throughout the whole day. There are very good and reasonably priced dishes and after consuming these wonderful delights you put yourself back to rest for, maybe, a next round. No shortage of anything. Find out more about the best 10 beach bars in Barcelona.

With the good metro network in the city, the beach is easily reached on foot from the nearest subway stations. Or you mught be interested in a daily apartment in Barcelona near the beach of Barceloneta or apartments at the beach in Barcelona. Check out the various beaches in the city of Barcelona and find out about the one suitable for you.

You might be interested in apartments with sea view to rent for days.

Also outside the city limits of Barcelona, the Barcelona region is interesting to explore on the beach field. Small villages and seaside towns will bring you in a totally different world. Easily and in about half hour to get there by train. Very nice for a day trip.

Recently Barcelona was mentioned in the (international) news because the city council had voted for regulations on the wearing of bathing suits in the city. The city has vexed for a longer period about the people wearing their swimsuits and bikinis while strolling through the city. This is now restricted and nudists can no longer be nudist anywhere they like. Rightly or not, rules are rules, and somehow it is quite understandable of course. So be careful with it, because the fines can add up. Who is wearing swimsuits on other public places than the beach, may receive a fine between 120 and 300 euros. The fine for nudists caught on the wrong beach, will be between 300 and 500 Euros. Would be such a pity after a lovely day at the beach, when you return to your holiday apartment in Barcelona to take a nap, fresh up and continue exploring the Barcelona nightlife..


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