Starting on January 2nd, 2011, Spain has a new anti-smoking regulation. This new law has risen a set of opinions, supporting or against it. The new regulation banned smoking in bars, nightclubs, restaurants, airports, hospitals and in almost all closed places (excluding open terraces of bars and restaurants, prisons, smoking clubs, long-stay psychiatric hospitals) and allows smoking almost all open spaces, with the exception of playgrounds and those that are part of hospitals and schools.

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Barcelona has not been outside the great debate that revolves around the smoking ban in Spain. Many entertainment establishments such as restaurants, bars, nightclubs and casinos have raised their voices against this law, as they said that it would generate significant losses as fewer people will come to their stores.Also, the bars, discos and restaurants owners protest because recently, in 2006, they have made arranges to changes to its local structures to adapt them for having sections of smokers and nonsmokers, and now that investment is lost.

On the other hand, complaints about noise in the streets have  increased in several cities in Spain after the adoption of the smoking ban, because smokers must leave the premises where they are to smoke, regardless of whether the conditions climatic conditions. Also, many smokers feel their rights curtailed, being forced out of public closed areas to smoke.

However, most of the Spaniards are non-smokers (approximately 70%) and welcome this measure. Should not be forgotten that most of the Spanish population does not smoke and who were affected when they had to attend indoors where air was full of smoke. Now, they say, it is a pleasure to go to a restaurant or to have a drink, without having to come back home with their clothing and accessories with a heavy tobacco smell.

All of us are aware of the negative effects of tobacco. It should be highlighted that the damage to health are not just for smokers but for all those who breathe the smoke, known as passive smokers.

Previous legislation to regulate the consumption of tobacco in Spain was not sufficiently respected and actually being in a closed establishment could be sort of overwhelming.

Other countries have implemented measures like anti-smoking law that generates so much controversy today in Spain. In Ireland and the United Kingdom, for example, the law only allows smoking in open spaces.

Tell us, what do you think about the new Anti-Tobacco Law in Spain? Are you for or against it?


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