No matter what places of Spain you visit, you cannot leave the country without tasting the famous paella. Actually, chances are you’ll want to try it in different places in order to taste the endless combinations of ingredients. You will find a paella to the measure of your cravings and preferences, whether you rather enjoy meats, seafood, vegetables, or even if you want to try a little bit of everything.

The paella began as a countryside dish in the Valencia region, mainly prepared with fresh ingredients that were most readily available including wild rabbits or hares, poultry and vegetables. The main ingredient was the rice, and then saffron and olive oil were added. It used to be prepared by simmering the dish over orange branches, which gave a special touch to the flavor. Various communities quickly adopted the dish and  each one of them added characteristic products from the region, eventually perfecting the recipe. It remains, however, as a common element, the habit of preparing it in a special pan called paellera with two handles and usually slightly deep.

toda espana comida y bebida barcelona  Paella Barcelona Eating out in Barcelona

Today you can find countless combinations of flavors in the paella. You may find it prepared with vegetables, seafood, mixed, broth-based, dry… And many of its variants are available if you desire to go eating out in Barcelona. Here we suggest two great places to taste the paella in Barcelona:

  •  If you want to spend a great evening at the seaside, take a walk around Barceloneta, a fantastic restaurant with a lovely terrace, where delicious paellas are cooked. It is located in Carrer de L’Escar 22. Telephone for reservations: 93 22 12 111. Closest metro station: Barceloneta (L4)
  •  The Arrosseria Xàtiva amb Gràcia, located as its name says in the neighborhood of Gràcia, is a restaurant specialized in rice and paellas where they prepare more than 30 varieties of these dishes. It is located in Carrer del Torrent d’en Vidalet 26 (L4, Joanic). Telephone for reservations: 933 300 303.

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