turismo toda espana madrid  Madrid tourist info Things to do in Madrid Parks in Madrid El Retiro Madrid When we speak of El Retiro, we’re naming probably one of the peaks in beauty not only in Madrid, not only in Spain but throughout Europe perhaps. This complex of 118 hectares is endless natural and artificial.

The name comes from its history. In the early seventeenth century, we are flattered to King Philip IV and his court these lands. After the construction of Palacio del Buen Retiro, the land began to be used to retire the Royal Family in search of tranquility, leisure or to a duel. Felipe V later used it as a palace while the construction ended the Royal Palace. Over the years various changes were made to the structure, and little more than a century after Charles III opened to the public a portion of the gardens. Then it was gradually democratizing access until its full path allowed by the public.

There are countless places to visit on this trip, I will name a few. Get renting apartments for days or weeks in the center of Madrid and you can visit them all:

The Walk of the statues, where you will see a beautiful statue representing each of the Spanish kings. At first they were going to decorate the cornice of the palace, but the queen has dreamed that the statues fell on it, so it is placed at ground level.
The Fountain of the Fallen Angel, is a sculpture representing the work Paradise Lost, surrounded by a structure that includes the source. The pipes of the water leaving infernal beings represent. Curiously, this source is exactly 666 meters above sea level in Alicante.
The Crystal Palace, an incredible building and probably one of the most romantic places in Madrid. It is surrounded by an artificial lake with cypress, whose roots and trunks of their underwater sink. Normally it is made in contemporary art exhibitions.
The monument to King Alfonso XII, opened in 1922, measured as a whole 30 meters high and 86 long. Includes the equestrian statue of King. At its foot is a pond, which is down 4 custody dodging stone lions and 4 bronze mermaids. Absolute beauty.
The Rose Garden, designed in an elliptical shape, containing some 4000 roses with a wide variety of samples brought directly from the best sites in Europe.
We name just a few attractions, but you have hours and hours to enjoy them all. Find out temporary apartments in El Retiro. Do not miss it, it will be an experience from every point of view to remember.

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