Travelling always costs money. You can make it as expensive as you want but to help you save money we have made a selection of Free Activities in Barcelona. And whether you travel for business, for fun, for study or any other reason, it is possible to rent cheap apartments per day, per month, and last minute accommodation in Barcelona.

1 Picasso Museum

Surely one of the must-see attractions of Barcelona. Here you see Picasso´s paintings and other art objects this artist himself donated to this museum to be established. It is interesting to see how this artist has developed over the years. It tells about everything he did, about paintings he had to paint during his studies as there is work he made in later days. You can visit this museum for free on Sunday. Not only the paintings but the building itself is worth a visit. Be on time to avoid long queues! This atracctions is situated in El Born and so it is close to any Barcelona centre apartments.

2 Magic Fountains of Montjuic

Located at the foot of MontJuïc mountain, Barcelona´s flagship of the Universal Exhibition of 1929 is situated: the magic fountains of Montuïc. The central fountain was built to show what’s possible with filtered light. This place was somewhat neglected, but for the Olympic games of 1992 they completely restored the place. It is a tourist attraction and definitely worth visiting. The show is every 30 minutes but:  October till late June between 7.00 and 8.30 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. June-September between 9.30 and 11.30pm from Thursday till Sunday.

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Magic fountain ©Dimodi via Flickr

3 Park Güell

Back in 1900, Gaudi was commissioned by Eusebi Güell, a member of a wealthy and noble family, to design a kind of village-garden on undeveloped land, at the time, located outside Barcelona. Gaudi got the opportunity to build out his ideas on nature-inspired architecture and this combination is particularly interesting to admire. Besides the beautiful architecture, the view over the city is a must see. It never became a real park-neighbourhood as it was originally meant to be; only two houses were sold and built and the site later got purchased by the municipality (1922) to make it a city park.

4 Ciutadella Park

The history of this place in Barcelona goes way back. Once established as a fort (citadel) and later the site of the World Fair of 1888 means this place has plenty to do and see. Besides, this park is the largest park in town. Go along for a stroll or a pleasant picnic (watch out for pickpockets, who can work very trail of clever!) and enjoy the tranquility in the middle of the busy city. Besides the National Zoo there are museums, a waterfall, the parliament of Catalonia and other attractions located.

toda espana consejos de viaje barcelona  Travel Barcelona Tourist info Things to do in Barcelona Palau Guell Montjuïc Barcelona Barcelona Tourist Guide Montjuic fountain

Waterfall Ciutadella Park ©Marek Lipczak via Flickr

5 Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

This museum contains an extensive collection of Romanesque art which is seen as one of the most comprehensives in the world. Furthermore, the museum houses a collection of Gothic and works from the Baroque and Renaissance. There is also a modern art department. It is located on top of Mont Juïc. The museum is free for people under 15 and above 65 years old. When you are outside this age category, don´t worry: the first Sunday of the month the museum is free for everyone.

6 ´Illa de la Discòrdia´ (Block of Discord) and other buildings

Next to the famous architect Gaudi, at that time there were many other famous architects who designed the most beautiful buildings. Two of these other famous architects are Josep Puig i Cadafalch and Lluis Domènech i Montaner. When Barcelona needed to extent, the rich instructed these architects to design the most beautiful houses appropriate to their welfare. These three architects all have designed one house on the same block, the ´block of Discord´. Respectively this is about the houses: Casa Batlló (Paseig de Gracia 43), Casa Amatller (Paseig de Gracia 41) and Casa Morera Lleó (Paseig de Gracia 35). These houses are absolutely worth visiting. Yet it cannot be denied these buildings are very interesting from the outside already as there are a lot of interesting details.

Another interesting building on the same street is ‘la Padrera’, back then not very much appreciated by the locals. This building is also a design from Gaudi and nowadays is owned by a bank. It can be visited when paying a fee. It is possible to check the building on the inside without paying because there is a shop situated in this particular building. By taking a look here you can get a very good impression.

toda espana consejos de viaje barcelona  Travel Barcelona Tourist info Things to do in Barcelona Palau Guell Montjuïc Barcelona Barcelona Tourist Guide Montjuic fountain

Rooftop La Padrera ©Tore Urnes via Flickr

If you walk a little further and turn right at ‘Diagonal’ you will find a house called ´the Palau del Baró Quadras´. This building is completely free to visit and worth it for sure. This house is used by an established organization that deals with maintenance and development of contacts and relations with Asia. For this reason this house is also called ´Casa Asia´.

As you can see there are a lot of free things to explore in Barcelona. Next to our mentioned options; going to the beach is also a very nice thing to do and also for free. So what are you waiting for? Get over here, book an accommodation for your holidays in Barcelona and have fun!

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