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Sigue nuestras sugerencias y no tendrás que pasar la mitad de tu tiempo haciendo colas. Foto de Pravin Premkumar en flickr.

Surely the last thing you want to have to do in Barcelona is to spend long hours waiting for your turn to go somewhere. For long a synonym for sightseeing in Barcelona has being queuing in the sun, rain or cold because you had arrived early enough to a site or because thousands of tourists had the same idea as you.

Fortunately the internet age has revolutionized even how to enjoy your holiday so if you’re organized and proactive you can enjoy the attractions of the city without waiting for a long time. What’s more, not only can you buy online tickets in Barcelona to museums and attractions, but also for buses, tours and other kinds of entertainment.

To avoid entry queues at museums and tourist attractions you have several options. The first is to acquire your own tickets in advance. Whether you do it online or at the box office you can buy tickets for the next days, the idea is to already have the tickets in your hand upon arrival at the attraction.

A second option is to hire early tours for groups (works especially if you go with friends) and those tour operators often have direct access to the sites you want to visit. The only downside is that they often have little time available for visits.

Finally, an excellent option that will help you avoid many lines  is getting a tourist card like those offered by Ticketbar. With the Barcelona Card, for example, have free access to more than 15 museums and receive discounts for other enclosures. If you wish, you can also purchase tickets for individual sites that you want to visit without waiting!

Of course, you’ll still find places wwhere the entries can be purchased in advance or online. In this case we suggest you arrive early or do it at lunch time when you could find fewer visitors. The best, no doubt, is to plan your own itinerary of visits to make the most of your stay without wasting time waiting to enter.

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