You are planning a trip in Madrid but you don´t want to leave your pet at home? So, travelling to Madrid with your pet is something possible but you should take care of some things so that they don´t stress.

If you travel with your pets, there are some conditions to take into account so that the transport and the stay are pleasant both for us and them. So find there, some advices to travel with pets:

  • Consult the vet of the animal to know if he is in condition to do it.

toda espana madrid consejos de viaje  Travel with Pets Tips Madrid

  • Before you leave, check that the apartment in Madrid in which you will stay admit pets. Do it when you do your reservation. There are many accommodations that admit dogs in Madrid so that it will not take you too long to find an apartment.
  • You need to have all the documentation of the pet (with its data but also your mobile phone). Also you need to travel with the all the certifications because you could be asked to provide them in some places.
  • If you travel by car, it is advised to make a break approximately every 3 hours so that the dog will not feel oppressed or stressed.
  • If you take a long-distance plane, you definitely should to look at the condition of your animal each time the plane stops over if it is possible so that it can relax a little bit.
  • Always carry a bottle of water with you for your dog.

toda espana madrid consejos de viaje  Travel with Pets Tips Madrid

Travelling with your pets to Madrid will be a great experience if you take into account those advices.

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