Many directors decided to shoot their movies in Barcelona so that many people are coming each year to the city to discover the different places where the movie has been set. If you are a cinema fan and you want to roll the street of the Catalan capital looking for places where the scenes have been shot, you can rent a cheap apartment in Barcelona.

As well as Cédric Klapish, with his movie L´Auberge Espagnole aired in 2002, the famous director Woody Allen chose the city of Barcelona as a set. Indeed, the American director, after he visited the country, had decided to move to Spain with his team, and more particularly to Barcelona, to film some of the scenes of his successful movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona. A movie starring the famous Spanish actors Javier Bardem (Juan Antonio) and Penélope Cruz (María Elena), but also the Woody Allen´s Muse, Scarlett Johansson (Cristina).

The movie tells the story of Vicky and Cristina, two American’s women who are coming to Barcelona to spend their summer. There, they meet Juan Antonio, a painter, who even though he is separated with his ex-wife, María Elena, still has a confrontational relation with her.

The director did not choose this movie´s title at random. As he says it by himself, “as I was writing the screenplay, I was thinking about nothing but creating a story in which Barcelona would be a full-fledged character. I wanted to pay the city a tribute because I love it as well as the rest of Spain…”. Nevertheless, there is an interesting anecdote about the movie: at first the director had planned to give his movie the title “Midnight in Barcelona”, a title which curiously seems to the one that Woody Allen will shoot later in Paris (Midnight in Paris).

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Woody Allen, el director de la película Vicky Cristina Barcelona - Foto de David Shankbone en Flickr

You want to visit the places where the movie has been shot in Barcelona?

If you are a cinema addict and you want to discover the movie from a different point of view in Barcelona, the best option would be to rent an apartment for days in Barcelona. In that sense, you will be able to enjoy your time there going to the Parc Güell (L3, Lesseps), discovering the Sagrada Familia (L5, Sagrada Familia) or the Fundació Miró… and even more places where Woody Allen shot the movie in Barcelona. If you want a complete list of those places, you can take a look at the webpage of Barcelonamovie.

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